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Your Companies Recognition Should Be XTREME!

Xtreme Recognition is one the leaders in the Promotional Product Industry. Xtreme has been providing excellent promotional products for over 17 years. We have software solutions to meet your online store and fulfillment needs. It is not just about the item, it is about achieving your goals. Xtreme Recognition is a company dedicated to providing […]

4 of the Best Summer Promotional Product Ideas for 2015

With summer on the way in less than a month, now is the perfect time to start thinking about promotional products for the warm months ahead. If you’re not sure on what kind of products you should be using, we’ve got you covered! Just take a peek below, where you will find 4 of the […]

How Your Recognition Program Tells Your Company Story

Have you ever worked at a company where you didn’t feel like anything had a personal touch to it? We’re talking about things like canned e-mails, letters signed with a stamp of the CEO’s signature (rather than his actual one), and messages delivered by people who didn’t write them. Now imagine your recognition program being […]

3 Reasons Why Promotional Products Make Great Customer Appreciation Gifts

Customers aren’t just important for your business – they are your business! Without them, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to build and establish a thriving company that allows you to earn a living. Unfortunately, those same customers are also courted frequently by other companies out there who are trying to build a business. If you […]

3 Ways to Get Employees to Help Improve Your Recognition Program

Did you know that your employees could be the gatekeepers of your recognition program? It’s a fact that some people never seem to grasp, yet the concept behind it is so simple. If your employees are what truly make your business what it is, then they have the power and capability to make your recognition […]

4 Steps to Help You Choose the Most Effective Promotional Product

If you want to get the most leverage from a trade show or conference, enhance your overall brand and image, or make the most out of a business outing, you’ll need a promotional product. Not just any product, but one that is effective and does everything you want it to do. What does that mean […]

Promotional Products – 3 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs Them

Owning and operating your own business is no easy task. In addition to the numerous operational tasks that you have to deal with on a daily basis, you have to find the time to focus your attention on the most important thing of all: getting (and keeping) customers. While there is no right or wrong […]

Why Company Perks Don’t Substitute as a Recognition Program

If you ask employees from several different companies what their recognition program is like, there is a good chance you’ll get some mixed feedback. What some view as recognition, others might view as a perk or benefit of working for a company. The problem is that recognition and perks (or company benefits) shouldn’t be confused, […]

3 Reasons Why a Company Outing is a Great Way to Give Back

Work is important, but your business shouldn’t always be about it. You need to give your staff a chance to break free from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. In other words, they need a chance to recharge their batteries, as well as a reminder of why working for your business was the best choice they’ve […]