One Platform for All Your Programs

Xtreme Recognition is proud to be a WorkStride Gold Partner. WorkStride enables the world’s most dynamic companies to harness a shared purpose through a proven, people-driven platform. WorkStride integrates recognition, incentives, and rewards on one platform, providing a seamless user experience across multiple initiatives. The platform seamlessly integrates with your brand, systems, and culture to create a fun, familiar place where employees and management are on the same page and the same path–communicating, celebrating, and competing at their best.
WorkStride Recognition is a configurable software solution designed to uncover the great work being done at your company and reinforce those desirable behaviors through recognition, rewards, and social participation.
WorkStride Incentives is a configurable software solution designed to make contest creation quick and easy, record sales activity, reward performance, and provide business intelligence.

WorkStride Wellness helps your organization recognize and reward behaviors that contribute to improving the health of your workforce, reducing insurance expenses, and increasing employee engagement.

WorkStride Safety helps your employees learn how to work safely and recognizes behaviors that contribute to prevention of unsafe working conditions.

WorkStride Training creates interest and excitement in training through incentives, rewards, and gamification.

WorkStride provides your participants with a true retail shopping experience at hundreds of merchants.

Basic Features

Language Translation

Badging and Gamification

Single Sign-on and API Integration

Comprehensive Program Reporting and Analytics

Rewards Mail and Fulfillment

In-house Customer Service

Social Tools, Including Personalized Profiles and Recognition Stream

In-house Software Development and Design Teams

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